About Us


Tagarela is a language school focused on individual, personalized classes which exists to develop the communicative skills of people who are interested in new languages and cultures.

We intend to help our students reach their personal and professional goals, always taking the needs, desires and particularities of each individual into consideration.

We also want to help our students become talkative and confident (tagarelas, or chatty in English!) in a foreign language, and we want the learning journey to be done in an authentic, fun and creative way. We’re passionate about languages and cultures and want to awaken that passion in people.

Tagarela was originally specialised in teaching Brazilian Portuguese to foreigners and over time also began to offer English, Spanish and French courses. We rely on a qualified team of teachers and highly value the work, dedication and knowledge of these professionals.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all our activities have taken place via distance learning (online classes), but we hope that soon we’ll be able to go back to offering face-to-face classes in the city of São Paulo, as well as cultural group outings and special classes which combine languages with gastronomy, music, dance, physical activities, etc.